A Division of Aim Construction Ltd.


From new home construction excavating to completed final grade, Aim Excavating offers a full range of residential services. These include land-clearing and building lot preparation including engineered compaction of fill areas and excess earth removal,  residential laser level excavation for house foundation forming and retaining walls,  trenching for all house services including water, sewer, storm, hydro, tel, and cable, yard drains, and sumps. Back-filling foundations, service trenches and retaining walls with hoe pac compaction. Final grading to engineered grading plans and prepping for driveways and sidewalks


Aim Excavating offers commercial excavating clients everything from demolition to ground water grading. Other commercial excavating services offered by Aim include excavation for foundations and services, backfill and compaction, concrete breaking,  grading for parking lots and driveways.


Agricultural excavating clients of Aim Excavating are offered excavation services for land clearing and shaping, ditching and ponds, fence post augering, excavating and backfill/compaction for buildings